Nandini, a Love Story, Chapter-9, A Break

Nandini, a Love Story, Chapter-9, A Break

Nandini, a Love Story, Chapter-9, A Break

Next week there were some important jobs at home. So I went home, packing myself for four days. Dipesh also planned to join me but at the last hour, he could not manage the leave. He made a great fuss over it. I tried to console him, though I was unhappy too. I wished to meet him urgently. It seemed very important for me to steer around my perilous journey in his company. I wished to deluge my slipshod passions in eternal somnolence and live in peace, far away from the dithering tear-up of my soul. I tried my best to share this undivulged whim with him. But that fun boy never gave me a chance for a serious talk.

“Hi dear, How are you?”

“Dead, if not half-dead.”

“It’s just four days if we can arrange the meeting. But when we will marry we will live lifelong. So good boy don’t break your sturdy heart for this too little time and let me tell you something.”

“Had we but world enough and time,

This coyness, lady were no crime.”

“Wow, Dip? From when you become the connoisseur of so-called ‘maudlin literature’, you used to call it?” I could not hold back my punchy retort.

“My vegetable love should grow

Vaster than empires and more slow;

A hundred years should go to praise

Thine eyes and on thy forehead gaze;

Two hundred to adore…”

“Ok, ok, no more you have to say. Please Dipesh let me tell you something.”

“Please Nandini; allow me to complete the line.”

“No, no Dip, you are becoming vulgar. I have to go.”

“What have I done Nandini? Andrew Marvell became famous after writing this poem, but I become a villain. Why? I never kissed you properly and you are accusing me of a crime. It is not fair, not fair, my fair lady.”

“Everything is fair in love and battle. Bye. Mom is calling.”

“Ok, then. Bye. Give my sombre genuflections to Mom.”

“She is only my mom till now. Not yours. Dip, you are getting spoiled. I must inform Aunt immediately.”

“Oh! I am hanged.” He burst out in his warm laughter and I felt so refreshed and foolish. What the hell I was going to share with him? It was just a furtive emotion, pointless. I was just going to spoil our time. His presence was the most comfortable zone for me.

I was sure that I forgot about the guy eventually, just keeping a thin thread of funny memory within me.

So many people we meet in our daily lives, so many people we acknowledge as wonderful, and so many people we think of as something different from others. So, there is nothing special. Why I be so miffed by the swipes of unknown emotions? Life is already a big philosophic conundrum… there is no need to add more puzzles to it. Let the chapter close.

To be continued…

Nandini, a Love Story, Chapter-9, A Break
Nandini, a Love Story, Chapter-9, A Break


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