Nandini, a love story, Chapter-33: The Confession

Nandini, a love story


The Confession

“Nandini tell me. Do not be silent. After so long years when everything is final, you are telling this. You chose Dipesh as your life partner and we supported you…every time we support you not for getting baffled and harassed at your hands. Samir is in this condition; your father’s health is not good. I want to see you settled. But what rubbish you are talking I do not know.”

“I say nothing, mom. I just want you to know that I cannot marry Dipesh now. Currently, I am not prepared.”

“Dipesh came a few days ago… you do your marketing, we have almost prepared everything, cards are given to be printed, relatives are informed and now you are telling this. What does it mean? You can tell earlier. Have you told Dipesh about your recent plan?”

“No, not yet.

“So, when will you tell him, after he will enter as the groom in our courtyard?

Her bitter anger and sarcasm were slashing me deep, but I remained silent. What could I say? I have no answer to douse the fire that was blazing there.

“I will tell him. You do not have to.”

“Listen, Nandu” …mom softened. Her voice seems weary and exhausted. I do not know what happens between you and Dipesh. You can tell me even you can tell Nipa. But you are mature enough. Do not make any blunder. The pillar of a successful marriage is based on love, care, fellow-feeling, deep-rooted tenderness for one another and there must be respect.”

“Yeah, it’s right,” I fumble feebly.

Then why are you doubting your relationship? Dipesh and you knew each other from your childhood. You are in every way a perfect match.

“Mom, I do not know, but something is missing between us. I want to wait and think about it before I take this big decision of life.”

“Oh! Then, Nandu from when did you come to this superb realization?” Her sarcastic tone made me more devastated.

I kept silent.

“Nandu I am sixty-two and as far as my experience Dipesh is the guy who loves you and cares for you more than anything. You are blessed. You modern girls know nothing of relation and faith. You get everything so easily that you cannot consider its value.”

My eyes were heavy.

“You know your father’s condition. Your brother’s career is also on the stage. Even if you do not care about us, please, just care for yourself. You will be destroyed if you dance with your present whims.”

“It is not whims I feel it, Mom, in every sense of my body and soul.” I tried to say but my voice was so lumpy there came out no sound only groan.

She left me with a heavy sigh.

To be continued…

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