Nandini, a Love Story Chapter-21 Carrot and Stick

Nandini, a Love Story Chapter-21 Carrot and Stick

Nandini, a Love Story


Carrot and Stick

My duty time was shifted. I had to go early as the work pressure doubled as a result of the long list of pending vacant posts. No recruitment was there for a long time. Some important posts remained unoccupied day after day without any concern of the authority.  Prayer, protest, petitions- all proved a damp squib. They did not affect Govt.’s deaf ears. The only victims were we, the voters who just stand on the bleak side after the election keeping our fingers crossed always.  All the genuflected leaders came to us and showed off their hustings but as the election got over they started following the Fabian policy. They no longer play the role of the mendicant of public support to fill up the vote box, they transformed into the power itself. And we, the stalwarts, were buried under their whims waiting for the next call. Actually, the greatest festival in our country is the election programme and of course the most fake one. It had transformed into the most profitable business.

People got involved in blood-straining war; dare to do every heinous act not for any idealism they worship inwardly, but to keep secure their idol whose pity may allow them some material profit to live with. No one cared for political ideology or long-run improvement. Their grass root thought circulated their daily need. The common people never thought of general prosperity, or general advancement except for a handful of rice that is thrown to them. They change their colours as their leaders- frequently and unhesitant. It never seemed ridiculous or shameful to them. Perhaps it might not be as the world spins with the theory of profit. And to keep up that need they fight against their blood. The vocabulary of violence ensnared their thoughts.

So no solidarity and consolidated revolt took place demanding any good for the country. Public sectors and services remain crippled and leaders went on flagging their banners year after year just throwing some occasional donations and grants.  Administration follows the carrot and stick policy and we suffer…with eluding hope.


Nandini, a Love Story Chapter-21 Carrot and StickNandini, a Love Story Chapter-21 Carrot and Stick

To be continued…

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Hey, I am Munmun, the phoenix fabulist who wants to tell you stories. I love to read stories and I love to weave stories. I feel life is an amalgamation of multiple stories, colourful threads, and threads of pain, pleasure, hope, and hopelessness. We just need to pick those hues and arrange them, knitting them with our own emotions and perception. So let's celebrate the stories of life.

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