Nandini, a love story Chapter-15 Friendship

Nandini, a love story Chapter-15 Friendship

Nandini, a love storyChapter-15 Friendship
Nandini, a love story

Nandini, a love story



After that day we became quite familiar with each other. Eventually, I got the pass to enter his group and beyond it. Being a daily passenger of the same route it was not so tough job. There they were from various professions. Prasun and most of his male friends work in a private company whereas the females were mostly teachers or nurses.

I sought out his full name with some trickery and searched for him on Facebook. Yes, he had something aesthetic in him.

I came to know Prasun played Hawaiyan, he was very fond of travelling and photography but I found no information regarding his relationship. Had he someone special in his life?

Anyway, the songs he posted and the pictures he exhibited never got cliché even after my eye and ears got strained after replaying them thousand times.

When I asked him quite forwardly, “Why do  you  prefer Hawaiian to Spanish?”, he did not  get astonished or counter-questioned  me, “From where you come to know?”

He just told me how he liked it. Did he understand my curiosity over him and try to show his indifference to restrain me or he overlooked the fact?

 One day when we were lucky to have our seats I showed him my diary of songs and we shared too many commonalities. I was talking like a parrot and he was laughing so heartily. His eyes that I could not see due to sitting position, were reflecting light…I was damn sure. I was too happy that day.

But the problem with the man was he was so irregular. Many a time I planned to ask him why could not he remain there on the same bus every day. But I knew it is not a proper question to ask a guy of little acquaintance.

To be continued…

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