Nandini, a love story Chapter-13 Unpredicted Rain

Nandini, a love story,Chapter-13, Unpredicted Rain

Nandini, a love story Chapter-13 Unpredicted Rain
Nandini, a love story Chapter-13 Unpredicted Rain

Nandini, a love story


Unpredicted Rain

It was a Sunday and I had to meet one retired colleague of mine. I had to deliver to him some documents. So I did not slip for home that week rather hired Ripa’s age-old scooty and appealed my cordial oblation in every God and Goddess’s feet I started at 10 a.m.

 There I got a genial reception and long-term inauguration with the other family members with my full CV and prospectus. Anyway, it accelerated the clock towards 12.30. So I had to return to my room before my only holiday at the end of a tiring week got lapsed completely. I was in my supper hurry with my highest speed of 20 km/h.

Just near the petrol pump I met him, those florescent eyes. I could not miss them, nope, never. Sometimes I thought even from my grave I would walk over to him if he dared to roam around my grave. He was on a scooter crossing the road and entering an alley beside me. I was looking at his eyes and damn sure it was he. I lost my breath, my clutch on the handles. I became oblivious to everything. My speed slowed down to ten.  The engine was ready to get stopped witnessing my vehement state; the world around me lost its motion, a still picture – only he on a scooter, looking at my dumb eyes covered by sunglass, my foolish head crowned with a helmet. He passed me and entered the alley through my left. The rest of the way I transformed into a butterfly flipping on my fine wings with unpardonable ecstasy.

To be continued…


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