Life Beyond Life, Chapter – 20, I Want My Soul Back

Life Beyond Life, Chapter – 20, I Want My Soul Back

Life Beyond Life, Chapter – 20, I Want My Soul Back

Life became a living coffin, with no way out, no solution, just frantic insane existence; every moment withered gulping the hellish fire.  Finally, I decided to meet him without informing him, as a surprise. A face-to-face discussion might solve the case or plaster the breach. Next week I left for Chitora giving Mamoni an urgent excuse and promising to return within two days. I had no reservations, but I cared nothing for my inconvenience. I wished just to find the truth of our relationship and the sanctity of my adoration.

When I reached there it was early morning. I tried to contact Akash without any results. I took a cab and reached his address, Shrinibas Bhavan Block 30. I continued to connect with him. He responded after a long time.


“Akash, where are you?”

“I’m at home, why Aatri?” He was whispering.

“Can I meet you now? I’m near your resident”

“How? When have you come?” His voice flinched like a burnt cat.

“I’ve reached today. Please I want to meet you. It is very urgent.”

“But Aatri I’m busy now. I cannot meet you now.”

I just lost my senses. I could not think more. I could reach Chitora travelling a long distance, ignoring all my inconveniences and there he was too busy to meet me. I kept a tight hold on my patience, though my mental and physical stamina was at a draught.

Life Beyond Life, Chapter – 20, I Want My Soul Back
Life Beyond Life, Chapter – 20, I Want My Soul Back

Ok, I’m waiting. When you will go office can you meet me?”

“Yeah, I will try.” He cut the call immediately.

I took some food and spend some time roaming the streets and alleys full of dust, heat and hatred.  I spent two hours and then waited for Akash at his stop. He did not come. I called him but he did not respond. I waited and waited. I was feeling too bad, my heart was wrenching with agony and deep pain, and my eyes were full of burning tears. But I was sure that I had to return, I could not die in this no-love zone.

I took a town bus and my steps were heavy when I stepped on the pedestal. I hoped even at the last moment that he would come and retain me from returning. I had just come for him, just for him.

 “What kind of relationship is this Akash? I went for you, just for you and you could not meet me. I cannot tolerate any more. You remained busy. What the fucking busy you were that you could not meet me when I crossed such a long distance for you? You don’t take my calls, you feel offended if I call you in your house in front of your friend. And why are you hiding the relationship?  Is it a sacrilege on your part to love me? Are you ashamed of loving me?  You have so many faces Akash and I cannot recognize what is yours. I’m scared of this, of this hide-and-seek game. I want to flee from you, away, far away where I can be free from your spell. I was exhausted enough in the way of searching my answers, now I wanted to be in peace, with no love, no bargaining, nothing. I just like to lie down sprawling my benumbed limbs and my vacant brain in my bed beside the window far from that world of clashing ambiguity.”

To be continued…

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